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Benefits for affiliated businesses

Menu+ offers a lots of benefits for caterers

No specific hardware required

Use a tablet or a pc to receive orders from your customers. You own it already, don't you? Maybe you are using it right now to read these few lines.

Menu always up to date

The menu reflects always your offer, your customers will not have surprises or delays for finished or lacking ingredients.

Multilanguage Menu

From now on your foreign customers will feel at home at your place, thanks to the opportunity to browse the menu in their language.


The orders arrive immediately to whom is supposed to manage them, thereby improving the efficiency: drinks ordered at the bar, pizzas at the pizzeria and the rest at the kitchen.


No more incorrect orders caused by the waiters' distraction: customers help themselves, from their own smartphones, in complete autonomy.

Sales statistics

With Menu+ you can look after how the place is going, the best selling products and target the offer according to your existing customers.


Choose the plan that fits you best

Insert your email address and start using right now our service in your activity with the only limit of 25 orders per day.

If you don't exceed this limit you'll be able to use the service for free, forever!

Unlimited duration
Free but limited to 25 orders per day

Our Premium plans

40 €/month
3 months of service
No limits
Total: 120 €
30 €/month
6 months of service
No limits
Total: 180 €
20 €/month
12 months of service
No limits
Total: 240 €

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